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CAP 232 Shock Flyer Kit


Product Code: EMA600

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You can find the complete power train for this kit here


Wingspan: 36" / 920mm
Length: 30.25"
Weight: 3.5oz / 100g
Weight(battery included): 10.9oz / 310g
Wing Area: 255sq in / 17 sq dm
Wing Loading: 18.3g

Build Log: Click Here

Cap 232

This little Depron Cap kit has been printed in bright easy to see colours top side and mainly yellow on the underside. The Depron sheet seems to have a very thin outer skin layer of hard smooth plastic which provides an extra degree of strength. All of the pre-cut components are very accurate and the whole model assembles quickly with really well fitting tight joints. A small tube of "Por" type foam adhesive, sharp knife, and some good quality reinforced tape is needed for the build. 5 minute epoxy is recommended on the undercarriage legs.

Giantcod supply tubes of inexpensive thin viscosity foam glue which has been given good reviews. (This product was also described as "trouser glue" following accidental spillage on clothing and soft furnishings by a user). It can be applied directly and allowed to dry, or used as a contact adhesive by allowing the glued surfaces to dry for about 10 minutes before they are finally joined together. Small strips of tape can be used to support joints whilst drying and left in place.

The instructions and images are not the best, text is bordering on vague to reasonable. Some descriptions need reading a few times to work out their meaning. Certain parts are named but unidentifiable by description alone. It may be fair to say the instructions are more challenging than the actual assembly which is fairly logical and straightforward. The width of the reinforced tape supplied is a bit optimistic unless used in 2 strips for jobs like fixing the leading edge and spar. I used the Giantcod 24mm wide reinforced tape which has really good adhesive. Careful positioning of this tape is required, if mistakes are made it's possible to peel away the outer reinforcing skin on the Depron sheet.

Mounting servos, ESC and receiver is best done with double sided stick tape or pads. When assembling the undercarriage wires, 5 minute epoxy with a small amount of "micro balloons filler" was used. This makes the undercarriage quite strong and rigid. The motor mounting "firewall" can also be fitted in the same manner. Tapering the ailerons at their leading edge was found to provide ample downward movement. Short strips of the Giantcod 24mm tape is used to hinge the elevator, aileron and rudder. This maybe considered as an over-kill, but they won't fall off.

An Emax CF2822 brushless motor is shown in the instructions but there are no other positive recommendations. Emax ES08 servos are fitted to control all flying surfaces.

The elevator joiner is a length of carbon tube, this is a bit fiddly to install, so a short piece of piano wire with right angles bent on each end was epoxyied into small slots cut with a soldering iron. The first half of the joiner can be glued on the bench then positioned and held to the tail-plane with masking tape before adding the other elevator half.

Some experimenting with receiver and ESC position may be required to achieve the correct centre of gravity balance point. This is easily done by temporally fitting these with very small pieces of double sided tape. The plywood accessories supplied are laser cut and are of good quality hard material. Tiny barbed nylon control horns and small lightweight wheels are supplied.

The only items found in the kit to be troublesome were the black hardened steel pushrod wires. Due to the Z bends on these being too shallow, an attempt at increasing the angle ended with the wire breaking. A new set of piano wire pushrods were made up in a matter of minutes. The originals used as bending patterns. Adjustment is achieved by re-bending the large centre V on these wires.

Dislikes: Pushrod wires.

Instructions: Reasonable.

Quality overall: Very good.

   by Graham

CAP 232

Flew the Cap this evening. Great laugh, loops in it's own length. Didn't fit the flimsy undercarriage so it's hand launch and belly land, a dawdle. Ran a length of the sticky tape along the lower edge to protect the foam edge. Great value. Might buy another as a standby when I get too clever.

   by Mark

CAP 232

well just had its maiden flight in overcast gusty conditions. An underarm hand launch saw it into the air with very little trim needed. I found it a little twitchy, (great for 3ding) with c/g 80mm from leading edge. probably wants to come forwards 15-25cm for a smoother flight. Was amazingly solid in an elevator, pulled into a harrier smoothly.

   by Mark

CAP 232

As usual, fast delivery. ordered with all the bits from the recommended list. Kit went together very easily, well made accurate parts throughout. 'z' bends on push rods are poor, and will snap if you try to bend them properly. I heated the ends of all the rods to cherry red, then let cool slowly, this softened the rod ends making it easy to rebend the z bends properly. the elevator was a bit of a faff, think a square bit of balsa instead of the carbon tube would have been easier to fit and been ...

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